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NP Drumfilter

The NP Drumfilter is a mechanical, self-cleaning microscreen filter designed for high performance in water-treatment systems where it’s essential to minimize particle break-up. The NP Drumfilter is ideal for use in aquaculture applications as well as industrial  and municipal water and waste-water treatment. The filter design ensures careful handling of solids, essential to achieve the high filtration efficiency required in many applications.


MBBR Media

Produced using virgin HDPE as the raw material with additive of a special formula including UV and hydrophilic genes with FDA food grade quality.


AST Propellor Bead Filter

These filters are easy to clean, easily automated, compact and very energy efficient.

Utilized at some of the largest recirculating fish production facilities, zoos, and aquariums, these units accept versatile loads ranging from low to high solids due to the active motorized backwash system.

The motorized embedded propeller is used for frequent washing of the media, removing captured solids and excess media biofloc. The sludge then settles to the bottom of the unit where it is drained, reducing water loss that is normally associated with backwash processes. With Propeller Bead filters, you will only lose 10% of the water you that you would normally lose with run-of-the-mill sand filters.


AST PolyGeyser Bead Filter

The robust High Profile PolyGeyser can handle high water pressure with finesse.

The new High Profile PolyGeyser® Filter (HPPG) is perfect for high volume applications from large aquatic life support systems to wastewater treatment and clarification. Capable of handling large volumes of water under pressure, these PolyGeyser filters gently backwash the media, multiple times a day, to maintain a healthy biofilm. The enhanced nitrification capacity makes this unit ideal for applications with high biofiltration needs.

PolyGeyser filter technology pneumatically backwashes the media regularly, without manual intervention, moving parts, or controllers. This filter provides both mechanical and biological filtration with extremely low water loss by recycling its backwash water and only removing sludge after it has concentrated in the sludge chamber.