Cutting-edge technology with unmatched expertise.

Yellow Book Tech continues to expand globally through our offerings of complete, turn-key systems, full spectrum consulting services, equipment sales, and the development and operation of innovative, large-scale facilities in major markets." - Michael B. Timmons PhD & PE Coauthor of "Recirculating Aquaculture"


Our mission is to change the world by providing expertise, services, and practical proven technologies for the successful design, construction, and management of aquaculture systems.


Yellow Book Tech is an offshoot of the Yellow Book Associates, a group of industry experts from around the world brought together in the creation of "Recirculating Aquaculture" aka The Yellow Book, coauthored by Michael Ben Timmons PhD. Yellow Book Tech couples the most cutting-edge technology with unmatched expertise in the creation of food system sustainability, reliability and local self-sufficiency - ultimately empowering individuals and communities with year-round, healthy food. Our goal has always been to increase awareness of the best aquaponic practices to give people of all backgrounds and skill levels access to technical support for systems designed for self-sufficiency and sustainable year-round food production.

Our System

Vero Beach Future Farm